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Hajdin Sejdia’s companies have had a big success with new technologies that offer 100% bio food and also with over 16 patents in the area of alternative energy.  Hajdin Sejdia has been in the involvement of project development, international development, trading and finance for more than 30 years. He can speak 18 languages and is excellent in his finance and business relations worldwide. For more than 2 decades Hajdin Sejdia with his companies was partner with the royal family of Abu Dabi. He also was representative and sponsor of: ElectroWatt Switzerland, Alstom France, ABB, General de Zo, Haliburton USA, SAE France Construction, Gerhard Industry USA and many other first class companies worldwide. Along his career, Hajdin Sejdia has executed multibillion dollar contracts all over the world about dams, desalination plants, roads, bridges, seaports, power stations, aluminium smelters, industrial complexes, refinery and some many other. He has made arrangements with financial packages for many projects and has handled a large scale of deals with commodities trading, oil products, and meals trading of any kind. As being independent, he has worked from 1980s until now on a wide international stage for a long period of time, almost 35 years. From 1990 Hajdin Sejdia was mainly with business in Balkan countries, especially in Albania, but after 2010 he has established six companies and 2 institutes in Albania to execute with new innovation projects, where many of which are unique all over the world.